GEORGE OSBORNE has been reprimanded by a parliamentary watchdog on former ministers' appointments after he announced the launch of his new think tank, the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, without consulting it.

LOWERING the benefits cap will have "widespread and severe impact" on nearly 120,000 families and will put many at serious risk of losing their home, a housing body has warned.

DOZENS of businesses have signed up as Northern Powerhouse partners to support efforts to attract new jobs and investment to the region.

SCOTTISH councils have made most of their cuts from services aimed at the poorest people, according to new research.

Councils often use long-term contracts for the provision of important services. But circumstances change, sometimes dramatically, so how can local authorities prepare themselves to ensure they don't end up a hostage to fortune? Tiffany Cloynes of law firm Geldards takes a look.

MPs have called for a radical overhaul of flood management in England, with a new national commissioner responsible for long-term risk reduction, greater use of farmland to store water and changes to Building Regulations to make developers liable for the damage caused if they ignore flood regulations.

A NEW APP that allows people to access data on their local council's spending has been launched by the TaxPayers' Alliance.

GOVERNMENT plans to cut the Education Services Grant amount to "academisation by the back door" for schools, county councils have warned.

THE GOVERNMENT'S strategy for tackling air pollution has been ruled illegal by the High Court in what London mayor Sadiq Khan described as a "wake-up call" for ministers.

CREATING 27 county-wide unitary authorities could save £2.9bn nationally and would generate savings faster than other options for local government reorganisation, according to new research.

SOCIAL CARE for adults is slipping into a deepening crisis, with overspends projects to hit nearly half a billion pounds, further closures of homes and increased handing back of contracts, a new report has warned.

NEARLY £12m has been paid out by councils in lost planning appeals in the last six years, according to new research.