Social workers are being swamped because of a "toxic" mix of suspicion and fear of blame that has resulted in one in five children in England referred to children's services before the age of five, according to new research.

Councils need greater clarity over devolution, as it is unclear whether the Government has a clear set of objectives that guide the development of regional deals, peers have said.

An inquiry into the Government's interventions in Tower Hamlets and Rotherham councils has been launched by MPs.

A voluntary trust is set to run children's services at Birmingham City Council, which Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw branded a "national disgrace".

Birmingham's children's services have been rated as Inadequate since 2009.

North Yorkshire County Council has approved an application to undertake fracking for shale gas in the first approval since a ban was lifted in 2012.

Reforms led from the top of government are needed to cut the number children in care who end up in custody, a new report has argued.

The Government should establish special deregulated zones where developers and investors can be liberated from planning rules, a free market think tank has argued.

District councils in and around Oxfordshire have ruled out forming cross-boundary unitary authorities as part of devolution plans for ther region.

The "opaque" nature of financial reporting for authorities and the lack of any oversight by local authorities can facilitate the misuse of public money in academy schools, an accountancy body has warned.

Sport England is to triple the amount of money it invests in tackling inactivity, bringing investment to £250m over the next four years.