The Government has announced the first allocations under the £23bn Affordable Homes Programme, which aims to deliver 165,000 new properties by March 2018.  

Government intervention in Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council is to be ended early after significant improvements in the authority's political and managerial performance, local government secretary Eric Pickles has announced.

Households involved in the Troubled Families programme face an average of nine serious issues, according to independent research.

Local oversight of schools is crucial if pupils are to make academic and social progress, an Oxford University professor has argued.

Community and faith leaders who promote female genital mutilation (FGM) must face prosecution, the Local Government Association has said.

A limited liability company has been established to operate as a collective investment vehicle (CIV) for London's 32 boroughs and the City of London in what has been described as a "significant milestone" for local government pensions in the capit

 England's eight largest cities outside London have launched a national campaign to highlight the benefits of giving local areas greater control over spending.

The Governments proposals for local audit regulations for 10,000 parish councils will create "fundamental practical problems" and will greatly increase rather than reduce the burden on authorities and clerks, the Audit Commission has warned.

Birmingham City Council has been criticised for failing to tackle "inappropriate" behaviour by some governors of schools at the centre of the Trojan Horse inquiry, although two key reports have reached conflicting conclusions about whether there h

The Government's abolition of council tax benefit in favour of locally designed support schemes has created a postcode lottery for claimants and fuelled the "everyone pays" principle that was a hallmark of Margaret Thatcher's poll tax, a new repor