Barnet Council has launched an investigation into how the wrong electoral registers were delivered to polling stations in the borough, meaning some people were unable to vote.

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham is considering standing for mayor of Greater Manchester when the cit

Labour performed above expectations in yesterday's local elections and is on course to increase its share of the vote in England, while the Conservatives made moderate gains, the Liberal Democrats showed signs of recovery and UKIP picked up seats.

The House of Lords has voted to give councils greater flexibility to choose other forms of affordable housing over the Government's proposed Starter Homes in new developments in a revolt led by former Civil Service chief Bob Kerslake. 

Three councils have been taken to the High Court over their decision to pass motions calling for trade embargoes against Israel or boycotts of some Israeli goods.

The Government must clarify long-term funding arrangements for councils looking after unaccompanied children seeking asylum and ensure a new resettlement scheme for those already in Europe does not divert resources from local services, councils ha

Hundreds of voters have been turned away in Barnet after polling stations were given the wrong electoral registers by the local council.

The sell-offs of council properties needed to fund the Government's plan to extend Right to Buy to housing association tenants could hit local authorities with annual  bill of £26m, according to new analysis.

Local authorities have been urged to stop the "counterproductive" practice of using bailiffs to chase council tax arrears as new figures show debt problems related to the charge have hit record levels.

Developers must include extra flood protection measures for new homes and businesses in at-risk areas to potentially save millions of pounds worth of damage in the long term, councils have argued.