Eastbourne Borough Council has ordered a reprint of 130,000 ballot papers after the van carrying the originals destined was stolen.

The papers had been printed in London and were on their way to Easbourne and Hastings councils.

Eric Pickles blocked suggestions from the Liberal Democrats to grant councils the power to impose new taxes and to end the single person discount on council tax, the local government secretary has claimed.

Devolving powers and greater financial freedoms to 26 "key cities" would create powerhouses capable of delivering a £12.5bn boost to the national economy over the course of the next parliament, a think tank has argued.

Communications teams from across local government can now ‘talk’ to each other through a new online resources created to enable them to share and learn from the latest cutting-edge digital work.

More than three-quarters of the public believe regions and local areas should be in control of their own budgets and spending, according to a new poll for the Chartered Institute for Public Finance & Accountancy.

The Liberal Democrats would extend free school meals to all primary school children under manifesto plans announced by Nick Clegg.

A council could order a developer to rebuild an historic pub brick-by-brick after it demolished the original building without planning permission.

Eric Pickles has ordered further intervention powers for commissioners overseeing the running of Tower Hamlets and ordered the council to appoint a permanent head of paid service following

Lutfur Rahman is to appeal against his removal as mayor of Tower Hamlets after being found guilty of corruption, bribery and election fraud, saying the judgement against him has "marred the integrity of the court system".

Outsourcing of public services is set to grow by at least £20bn over the next five years to top £110bn with £1 in every £3 spent by central and local government going to private providers by the end of the next parliament, according to new researc