A Community Infrastructure Levy expected to raise around £18m in investment by 2031 has been approved by Peterborough City Council.

Guildford Borough Council will consider switching to a "hybrid" governance model when the new council is formed following May's elections.

The authority has approved a final set of recommendations to improve its governance model.

Two candidates have confirmed they will stand for interim mayor of Greater Manchester ahead of the first elected mayor taking office in 2017.

A Surrey farmer who secretly built and hid a mock Tudor "castle" in the greenbelt has been ordered to demolish the building after a long-running legal battle with his local council.

Manchester City Council's leader has slammed masked "thugs" who stormed into the town hall during a protest against funding cuts.

Ukip would abolish all "non-essential" council jobs, limit the number of highly paid local authority staff and cut allowances for councillors, the party has said.

The Liberal Democrats would introduce "devolution on demand" to create bottom-up decentralisation of powers from Westminster and have backed recommendations for greater financial responsibilities to be handed to local areas.

Private landlords are making "vast profits" from the taxpayer by exploiting the Right to Buy, raking in £9.2bn in housing benefit during 2013-14 while thousands of families remain stuck on waiting lists, the GMB has claimed.

The Local Government Association has signed up to Government-supported careers website Plotr to help councils recruit the best young talent.

Defence spending is likely to be protected by the next government, which could put "unsustainable" pressure on local government budgets, the former head of the civil service has warned.